”Our vision is to become the best eco lodge experience in Scandinavia by protecting local environment, involving local suppliers developing
a sustainable service”

What we do:

Save the Baltic Sea - support the WWF

Support WWF's work on the Baltic Sea by wearing Östersjövimpeln, be a part of the Baltic Godparent or just give a gift.

Learn more about Östersjövimpeln, Sponsorship and gifts at  WWF  Read more

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We want to be best in class and take the lead in climate issues. We believe that creative action leads to a competitive advantage. By cooperation and certification by U&W and their Zero Mission Program our customer will leave green footprints by visiting Island Lodge. All co2 emission caused by our business inclusive guest transfer to/from our Island is compensated  through U&W ́s carbon offsetting projects ZeroMission Trees

Energy - electricity is limited. The tents are heated by wood stoves and lit by kerosene lamps.

We use eco-friendly electric combustion toilets. All that

remains is a very small quantity of ash that is entirely free from bacteria, odourless and contains no medication residue.

All waste generated by the camp is recycled in accordance with local authority guidelines.

Local economy - local suppliers and expertise are used

wherever possible for all goods and services, using local produce wherever possible.

Raising awareness of the local environment - knowledge and understanding of the local environment is shared with our guests.

The library features many books about important local

features. Every opportunity is taken to help guests embrace nature to the full, whether by the breathtaking views from the tent or on the water.

Charity – Island Lodge makes financial contributions to

local associations and charities established to safeguard the local environment and restore landmarks. Details are available at the Lodge.