The tented lodge is situated in the middle of Stockholm Archipelago,
a unique and spectacular vast, fan-shaped maritime world of more than 24,000 islands, islets and skerries, of which only about a thousand are inhabited.

Our island is an uninhabited small beautiful and secluded with primeval forest & beaches overlooking the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

We are located only 40 minute´s boat transfer from Stockholm City Centre or 10 minutes from Vaxholm center, the hub for passenger ships to the central and northern archipelago.

Sailing with our top class 35 foot trimaran accommodating up to 10 passengers is a spectacular and adventurous way to go to our island. An experienced skipper can pick you up and provide you with all gear needed.

Transfer options

+ 46 735168090

Island Lodge  view from west side

The island in mist

Primeval forest at Island Lodge

Stockholm Archipelago