For the best possible experience of the archipelago in conjunction with your visit, we offer a range of different activities. All our activities have a direct archipelago link and all our activity partners are archipelago specialists.

Island Tour

Walk around on our beautiful island following old military patrol tracks enjoying the primeval forest and the by the inland ice nicely  formed cliffs,  the shifting views over the archipelago, picking mushrooms or berries if in season or just resting in comfort at the camp enjoying the view, the clean air and possibly a drink.


Firewalk powered by nature

Let the firewalk be part of your conference, modeled on the topic you are working with. A firewalking takes about three hours and is at its most beautiful when it is dark.

Firewalk is today a powerful feature of human resource development plan in many companies. Firewalk provides a strong and positive experience for the group to gather around.

We are happy to offer you Firewalk guided by Per & Tina Dahl, both educated at Firewalk Institute of Research and Education in Twain Hart, California. More info


Sail with a top class Dragonfly 35 foot trimaran accommodating up to 10 passengers is a spectacular and convenient way to go to our island or to explore the archipelago during your visit. An experienced skipper can pick you up and provide you with all gear need. More info


Seal and Sea Eagle safari

Take a tour together with our partner SeaSafari you will be on a 3-4 hours Guided RIB boat tour taking you out to the outer part of the Archipelago where you most likely will spot Sea eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) and Seals  on your trip. More info                                                  

Other possible activities:

- Guided boat tours

- RIB boat Island safari

- Sea kayaking with a guide and instructor

- Team-building activities

- Hiking/trekking

- Scandinavian cooking

- Mushroom and blueberry picking

- Military historical tours

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